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Designed By: Mustafa BILGIN 2003

We don't just build a boat for you, we build a boat with you

Few things are more personal than a yacht. It's often the realization of a lifelong dream, an expression of the taste, individualism and personality of its owner.

At Assos's, we know that a successful yacht is a collaboration between owner, designer, and builder. We work with you from planning and design through engineering and construction. We never forget that your input is the single most important factor in the ultimate outcome of the project. After the triumph of launching, we continue this partnership, striving to not just meet, but exceed, expectations.

 After all, though life may not be perfect, your yacht should be.

For many, building a yacht is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. For others it's an experience they will repeat. Either way, the process should be undertaken with care. When it is, the finished product can be a source of enormous pride and satisfaction. In the world, only a few yards consistently produce such yachts.

 Among these yards, Assos 's stands out. With five decades of success stories. With a string of engineering and design breakthroughs. With the remarkable fact that no Assos hull has ever suffered a structural failure. With a level of craftsmanship rarely equaled. And with a family commitment to excellence that endures to this day.

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